TV Show

It’s a wrap! I’ve now completed filming The New Entrepreneur, a TV show that was part of an amazing series on Shaw TV called Race to a Million where teams competed to raise money for charity. Along the way, the goal was to offer socially-conscious business tips that anyone could use to be more profitable while feeling great about the impact their business is having on the world.

When they asked me to share my secrets for business success, I was thrilled. You can see the thirteen-part series on YouTube, or right here.

My goal with this series was to provide a solid overview of business basics for the newbie, or the wannabe entrepreneur. These aren’t meant to be in-depth guides, but if you’re starting out in business, I hope they can help you on your journey.

The last episode is all about the exit strategy–why, when and how to sell your business:

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Introduction: The New Entrepreneur