Are You Qualified to Start a Business?

One of the most common reasons people tell me that is holding them back from pursuing their dreams, is that they don’t feel qualified. They’re waiting for someone to hand them a piece of paper that says they are 100% qualified for the task at hand. Some people think this has to be in the form of a post-secondary degree. Others are waiting for their mentor to give them a push, or maybe they’re holding out for a sign from above that they’re truly ready and capable.

Chances are, it’s not going to happen. And sorry to burst your bubble, but a degree is not going to guarantee your success. Of course you’ll need one if you want to have your own medical or law practice, but being successful in business does not hinge on having a formal education. Entrepreneurs need guts, determination, and a willingness to work really hard (especially in the beginning).

Easy for me to say, you might think, since I do have a business degree. But I actually started my first successful storefront business before I graduated, and I did well with home-based businesses when I was a teenager. Did my education help? Sure–I had some fantastic professors, and definitely benefited from being surrounded by people who were passionate about business. But the nuts and bolts of business, you can learn from a good book. (Which is why I’m writing one!)

If you want permission from someone before you start your business, then ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you passionate in some way about the business you want to start – either in the product or service you’d be delivering, or the people you’d be working with, or the contribution you could make?
  • Have you gotten great feedback from others on the product or service you want to sell? (If you haven’t put yourself out there to get feedback, even just from family and friends, you should do so now.)
  • Are you willing to invest significant time, energy and resources into your business?

Did you answer yes to all of the above? Awesome – you’re qualified! Wait no longer–get that business started, already.

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